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Exhibition on Arcadi Oliveres, in Social Sciences Library

The Social Sciences Library wanted to pay tribute in the form of a virtual and face-to-face exhibition to Professor Arcadi Oliveres, from the Department of Applied Economics of the UAB Faculty of Economics and Business, who died this April 2021.

The virtual and face-to-face exhibitions revolve around Arcadi Oliveres in all its fullness and, therefore, highlight four aspects with which Arcadi shaped his public and professional life: as an economist, activist, pacifist and popularizer.

Arcadi Oliveres had an ethical vision of what an economy should be at the service of all and, perhaps for this reason, the focus of his intellectual production was closely related to his socio-political activity: the military industry, the role of large corporations, the globalization ...

From the point of view of social activism, the public presence of Arcadi Oliveres began with the Democratic Union of Students of Barcelona, ​​and continued with movements promoted by progressive Christianity, the anti-Franco struggle (the Assembly of Catalonia, the Caputxinada , and the Freedom Marches), pacifism, international solidarity (campaign for 0.7%), anti-globalization and leftist independence movement (as a promoter of the Constituent Process).

Oliveres was a convinced antimilitarist and a pacifist, and a good proof of this was his working relationship with the Victor Seix Institute of Polemology and the Christian Pax Christi movement, and he also gave active support to the insubordination movement, not to NATO, conscientious objection and in demonstrations against the wars in the Gulf and Iraq.

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