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The Scientific Network on Animal Welfare (CIBA Network) at the XIX AIDA Conference

In the framework of the XIX AIDA Conference on Animal Production, organized by the Interprofessional Association for Agricultural Development and held on 1 and 2 June 2021, the Scientific Network in Animal Welfare (Red CIBA), the which has been promoted by researchers from the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research, the University of Lleida, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​and Neiker. The CIBA Network is a network that includes, so far, researchers from more than 20 centers throughout the state. The network was born with the vocation of creating, maintaining and strengthening the research fabric in animal welfare, and its objectives are to identify researchers in the area of ​​animal welfare, encourage active communication between them, encourage collaboration, share advances obtained in research projects, facilitate communication with external agents, and develop activities that promote the strengthening of links. The constituent Assembly of the CIBA Network was held on Wednesday 2 June, which was preceded by a scientific exchange workshop between the participants, structured in discussion groups, in order to identify priority areas for research in animal welfare. and discuss possible needs and limitations for research to be conducted at the state level. The CIBA Network team carried out a previous documentary review, as a prelude to initiating and stimulating the debate in each working group. The result of the workshop is the collective construction of a document that communicatively empowers the network. All participants in the workshop were invited to contribute to the preparation of the document, and may be part of the co-authorship of the scientific publication.

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