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The UAB's new folder is here, ready to enjoy the campus

Slowly we leave the pandemic behind and gain back a bit of normalcy, and that's a reason to celebrate. At the UAB we are very aware of the fact that having a campus like the one we see in films, a “green campus”, is one of the UAB's most important assets, giving it a competitive edge. Not only because all our academic, research and knowledge transfer activities take place in a natural and ecologically privileged surroundings, but also because the UAB offers a large central area in which teaching centres, research centres and services to students, lecturers and administrative staff can interrelate.

Many universities pride themselves for being located within a large city. At the UAB, we are proud of just the opposite: we are not within a large city, but we have a large city within our campus. A city of knowledge where each day there are almost 50,000 people studying, doing research, living and working together. Our campus is a large university campus.

We aim to transmit this and much more through the image of the UAB's campus grass. Because university experiences form a crucial part of the lives of so many students who end up making the UAB their second home. The green of the UAB campus has formed part of many of these experiences, and the design of this year's folder will allow you to take with you part of this campus, and carry it and show it off proudly, wherever you go.

Surely, the new design wil have lots of likes, but also some haters: just like football jerseys, a good design leaves no one indifferent. Let us know what you think of it on the UAB's Instagram account with the hashtag #carpetaUAB!

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