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Conversations about the (effective?) Right to abortion at ICPS

Abortion in Catalonia - and in the rest of Spain - has been legal since 1985. We have the right to abortion, but access to it is sometimes difficult or precarious, and therefore we wonder whether this is an effective and respected right today. In our country.

We intend to obtain an X-ray of how this right is effectively today in Catalonia, to give a little historical look to the achievement of this right, also to listen to stories located from different points of the territory, and finally to put the situation of Catalonia within its Spanish context and European.

With this discussion we intend to contribute to give social relevance to the issue, and to take the temperature of a right that we Catalans have but; in what conditions do we have it?

We will talk with:

June 7th. The right to abortion in Catalonia.
Montse Cervera, Campaign for the right to free abortion of Ca la Dona.
Sílvia Aldavert, political scientist, coordinator of the Association for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

8 of June. What happens when we decide to abort? Stories from the territory.
Claudia Palà, from Acción Lila, from Manresa.
Maria Alloza, from the Lika Association, from Lleida.
Marga Alegret Sánchez, midwife and nurse, from the Pyrenees.

June 9. Placing Catalonia in a Spanish and European context.
Almudena Rodríguez, head of international political advocacy for the Association for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.
Silvia de Zordo, principal investigator of the European research project: Women traveling in search of abortion services in Europe.

Location: Virtual, Zoom.
Time: 6pm.
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