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AI to identify wagons and containers: the new drive of the Port of Barcelona

Posted on 07.15.2021 by PierNext

Improve control of rail transport and make the Port of Barcelona a more sustainable, technological and smart environment. These are the main objectives of a pilot test of technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). It was carried on at the Hutchison Ports BEST for just over a year. The system of the startup AllRead Machine Learning Technologies (MLT) identifies in real time the containers and wagons entering the port. This improves the control of rail transport. This is another impulse for the Port of Barcelona to be at the forefront of the sector in the technological and digital field.



The startup AllRead, specialized in computer vision systems, has developed a system based on artificial intelligence. It allows to identify in real time the containers and wagons entering the port area. And this can be done without the need to install large infrastructures and hardware equipment. Simply, through a software capable of identifying numbers, letters and symbols in videos and photographs.

"It is a computer vision software applied to the detection and reading of texts, codes and symbols in supply chains," explains Adriaan Landman, Director of Operations and co-founder of AllRead. "Connected to any type of fixed or mobile camera, it improves the traceability of assets in ports, logistics platforms or transport companies, returning a record in real time and with great precision."

The technology was tested for approximately one year at the Port of Barcelona, where the pilot test analyzed a total of 950 trains and 13,500 containers. According to the AllRead co-founder, the neural networks were trained using images or videos taken by those responsible for the project, and by cameras previously installed in the port.

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