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The UAB to include a new Health and Sustainability Area in September

Starting in September, the UAB community will be able to enjoy the new Health and Sustainability Area (Espai Saludable i Sostenible - Espai SiS) which will be located on the Central Axis, near the Plaça Cívica. An area with no noise or pollution, in an appealing, kind and safe environment where socialisation and the development of social and sports activities will be fostered.

This Espai SiS project forms part of the UAB's Healthy and Sustainable Campus Plan and Mobility Plan and is inspired by aspects such as accessibility, safety, sustainability, equity and health. Priority will be given to pedestrians and those travelling on bike or scooter, and access to the users of the different car park and services areas.

Two sub-areas

The new Espai SiS will have two sub-areas. On of them will be located between Buildings B and C, and will be destined to pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and when necessary, also for emergency and maintenance vehicles. There will be gardens, benches, tables and a multi-use area for those interested in practising sports or for cultural activities.

The other sub-are will be located between the roundabout and Building C, and between Building B and the Plaça Cívica. In addition to pedestrians and bike and scooter users, users of the car parks in Buildings B and C, reduced mobility vehicles and other service vehicles will be included. Occasionally, authorised vehicles will also enter to take part in the activities taking place at the multi-use areas.

Changes in bus lines

As a result of the creation of this Espai SiS, both the internal campus and the interurban bus routes have been remodelled, to improve the routes and bus stops so that all members of the UAB could have a bus stop at a maximum 5-minute walking distance. 

Thus, with regard to interurban buses, there will be more stops on the Avinguda Serragalliners and the Avinguda Can Domènech. Campus bus lines will fall from five to three, due to the fact that the current L1 and L4 will now be covered by the new L1 Renfe-Rectorat-Renfe line. And the current L2 and L5 lines will become the new L2 Renfe-Vila-Renfe line. In both cases, there will be the same number of vehicles travelling to and from the train station, and buses will run more freequently. The L3 line will continue to run as before.

With the aim of having these areas available for students at the start of the new academic year, the UAB will be working on several actions during the summer months. For this reason, transit on the Central Axis will be cut starting on 19 July, which is when the buses will begin to run on their new routes.

For more information, please visit the mobility and transport page on the UAB website.

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