contador de visitas gratis AMICS UAB-AmicsUAB changes its organizational structure in an extraordinary assembly

AmicsUAB changes its organizational structure in an extraordinary assembly

AmicsUAB has incorporated an Advisory Board and has made changes to its Board of Directors, which meet once a month. The Advisory Board meets 3 times a year.

In the current Board of Directors we find members of the old board such as Joan Botella and Lluís Brunet, who repeat as head of institutional relations and treasurers, respectively. Gabriel Izard is back as general secretary after a few years. We also find new members who have a link with the UAB such as the rector Javier Lafuente, the general secretary of the UAB, Esther Zapater, Sònia Hernàndez as a representative of the Social Council and Xavier Isern, responsible for projects of the UAB and people from the business world in the area, such as Josep Sans de Condis and Eduardo Lopez de Fujifilm.

Also as new additions that are part of the UAB, we have the deans of different faculties of the UAB, such as Marta Bertrán of education, Laura Feliu of political science and María José Recoder of communication. As an economics teacher we have Anna Tenza.

Also as people in the business world we find Laia Arnal who is part of the VHIR and will play the role of head of relations with the UAB sphere, Susanna Baqué of Danaher and Virginia Palacios of HP.

We have added the figure of two vice-presidents such as Emanuela Carmenati, vice-consul of Italy in Catalonia and José M. Milà, designer and vice-president of Santa & Cole and president of the Spanish Association of Design Companies RED. Francesc Cayuela is still the president of AmicsUAB.

There are two invited members, Vicent Sanclemente, a member of RTVE and Jaume Farrés, dean of the faculty of biosciences.

In the Advisory Board we find the president of AmicsUAB, Francesc Cayuela, the general secretary, Gabriel Izard, the members of the board who have been until March 2021, the former presidents of AmicsUAB and the rectors since the foundation of the UAB to the last, Dra. Margarita Arboix.

Ramón Gracia, Xavier Muñoz, Antonio Franco and Albert Sòria as former presidents of the entity are part of the Advisory Board, along with the 5 ex-rectors who have accepted the position: Ramón Pascual, Josep M. Vallès, Lluís Ferrer, Ana Ripoll and the last rector, Margarita Arboix.

As for former members of the board, we find Lluís Bogunyà, Rosa Carrió, Montserrat García Calders, Hortensia Iturriaga and Montserrat Roca.

The restructuring of AmicsUAB was approved at the Extraordinary Assembly held on Tuesday, March 16 at 4 pm in the second call.