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Volunteer on the Suicide Prevention Phone


The Ajuda i Esperança Foundation in collaboration with Barcelona City Council launched the Suicide Prevention Telephone (TPS) in August 2020, a 24-hour service 365 days a year to prevent suicide. . The Fundació Autònoma Solidària supports this initiative by promoting and managing UAB people interested in volunteering.


The volunteer group is supervised by mental health professionals, trained and selected specifically to act in suicide prevention and care in crisis situations. And before you get on the phone, there’s a mandatory 30-hour training process in theory and practice and 60 hours of volunteering as a listener on the Hope phone.


Volunteer tasks are primarily responding to calls of suicidal content, this involves attending to people with suicidal ideation, people in a situation of ongoing or imminent suicide, survivors of people who have died by suicide, or the environment of the person with suicidal behavior. The treatment follows internal protocols and the purpose of the call is to prevent death by suicide, to link the person to other resources, to accompany them emotionally and to offer support and guidance.

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