contador de visitas gratis AMICS UAB-Silver amplification technology for the early detection of Covid-19

Silver amplification technology for the early detection of Covid-19

Rapid and sensitive detection of respiratory infections caused by viruses, including SARS CoV2 infection, is essential for the treatment and isolation of the population. Early diagnosis is essential in medical practice.

Immunochromatography-based rapid diagnostic kits are widely used for detection.

To avoid false negative rates with newly infected patients carrying a small amount of virus, we have developed a high sensitivity immunochromatographic rapid detection system using silver amplification, applying our accumulated photographic technology in rapid diagnosis. The detection system consists of the "FUJI DRI-CHEM immune AG cartridge" that integrates the silver amplification reagents.

For the SARS CoV2 we have developed an easy-to-use hand-held cartridge that can be used autonomously,
while other respiratory viruses, such as influenza and RSV, will be used with a reading device "FUJI DRICHEM
Immune AG2 "that automatically determines if the result is positive or negative.