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April 2021 newsletter


April 2021   

Universitat Opina


Salut mental   Mort prematura
Impact of the pandemic on the mental health of healthcare professionals   Premature death and hindered grief

14th April - streaming

Mireia Forner
Adrià Martin

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22nd April - streaming

Joan Manuel del Pozo
Joan Bertrán
Yolanda Ballesté

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Knowledge Pill's


 Evolució Esperança de vida
The evolution of disease-free life expectancy in Spain

Elisenda Rentería and Pilar Zueras, researchers at the Center for Demographic Studies explain us their article "Life expectancy free of disease does not increase in Spain"

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Other interesting activities

Aula de Extensión Universitária Rubí


Inuits   El led Blau
Inuit hunters of the Great North   The blue led

 8th April - streaming

Francesc Bailón
Lluis Bogunyà

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28th April - streaming

Joan Esteve i Pujol
Lluís Bogunyà

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Relive our activities 

Channel diversitat funcional
How is the University preparing to host university students with functional diversity?

 22nd March - streaming

Anabel Galán
Judith Oliver
Mayka Hidalgo
Cristina Laborda


ICFO   Oriol Bartomeus

The incidence of photonics in medicine, quantum technologies and nanotechnology

  What has changed after 14F?

 11st March - Hotel Claris

Lluís Torner

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23st March - Hotel Claris

Oriol Bartomeus

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Sessió 8 vacunes


Finances ètiques

Session 8: Vaccines, economics and politics


Ethical finance and the economic crisis

25st March - Streaming 

Rafael Vila-Sanjuan
Beatriz López de Valcarcel
Mariana Vilnitzky



22st March - Streaming

Jordi Ibáñez
Lluís Bogunyà



News Collection


Junta directiva
AmicsUAB changes its organizational structure in an extraordinary assembly

AmicsUAB has incorporated an Advisory Board and has made changes to its Board of Director that meet once a month. The Advisory Board meets 3 times a year.

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Honoris Causa
Josep Pons will be invested doctor 'honoris causa'

The UAB will invest doctor honoris causa to the musician Josep Pons Viladomat, musical director of the Gran Teatro del Liceo for nine years.

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UAB services


FAS prevenció Suïcidi
Volunteer on the Suicide Prevention Phone

From the Fundación Autónoma Solidaria, this initiative is supported by promoting and managing the UAB people interested in volunteering.

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Environment UAB

AERIS aigues residuals turístiques
WATERTUR PROJECT: optimizing the use of water in tourist facilities

The project "Research of technologies for the intelligent and sustainable management of the water cycle in hotels" (WATERTUR) is about to be completed after 36 intense months of work.

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Other interesting entities

Fujifilm tecnologia de plata
Silver amplification technology for the early detection of Covid-19

Rapid and sensitive detection of respiratory infections caused by viruses, including SARS CoV2 infection, is essential for the treatment and isolation of the population. Early diagnosis is essential in medical practice.

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